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Where The Lilies Grow

Somewhere inside my heart
There lives a little girl
She dances barefoot circles
All around an innocent world

She listens to the lilies grow
As she smiles into the rain
For she only sees the color
That tomorrow's rainbow brings

She hums a cheery tune
As she sets a table for two
A cup of laughter for her
And one for fuzzy friend Pooh

In lace and bare tanned feet
She skips along a sunny path
Stooping to pluck some lilies
My, how they grow so fast

The fragrance fills her nose
As something catches her eye
Winged upon her shoulder
There lights a golden butterfly

A smile to change the world
Lights up her rosy face
As she watches it take flight
On to another sunny place

And when the day is done
Just before she falls asleep
Visions of rainbows and lilies
Dance beneath her bare feet

Golden wings flutter by
As she slips into sweet dreams
One more day is gone
But never gone from me

Poem/Photo ~Teresa Wilson ~ 1999




Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You ~ Stevie Nicks

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